Steam Machines with Electric & Diesel Boilers

We offer high quality professional steam generators, steam cleaning machines.

Electric and Diesel powered. For Domestic or Industrial use


Steam cleaning winning features:

  • Thermal shock – pathogenic agents are not resistant to the thermal shock of vapor cleaning
  • Ideal for complex surfaces – efficient sanitizing of areas that are difficult to reach by traditional methods
  • Cleaning electric HMI – limited presence of micro drops of water and rapid drying of surface by means of heat
  • No surface damage – steam is not abrasive and therefore it is suitable for delicate surfaces
  • Save water
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Chemical free

Hot/Cold water pressure washers & Osmosis Cleaning systems

We offer exceptional quality equipment, strong machines, simple and efficient.

Discover different types of washers hot, cold water or Osmosis with any potency that suits your business best.

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    Market leading steam cleaning equipment

    We supply the most sought after and highest quality equipment in the industry at great pricing, contact us now for more information.

    • Steamers: Astra Steamer, Astra Steamer Evo, Astra Vortex, Astra Steamer Chemik, Astra Steamer Hybrid, Pulse Eletcric Steamer, Duo Electric Steamer, etc.
    • Steamers: Vacuum Green Steam, Steamy 10SH / 10-10 / 10-6 duplex SH, Steamy Trio Vac, Steam Max Vacuum, Easy Steam Vacuum, DI40/20 mobile steamers, Steam Master 19,5kW SH / 30 kW, etc.

    Market leading hot/cold pressure washers

    • Pressure Washers: Meca, Rio, Zeta, Kon, Sidus, Hydra, Mfx, Idropump, etc.
    • Pressure Washers: Jet Tron – osmosis cleaning system for windows, Idrotron 140 CMC/150 CMC/180 CTN/200 CTN, etc.

    Become your own boss setup your very own tuvapor and benefit from our unique business model