Professional Vacuum Cleaners, Carpet Cleaners, Foam Cleaners for Food Industry, Restrooms, Cars, etc.

Discover specialised machinery from leading  factories. Dry vacuum cleaners, wet & dry vacuum cleaners, three-stage vacuum cleaners, high depression, industrial wet & dry vacuum cleaners, telecontrol vacuum cleaners, carpet cleaners, carpet extractors and more.

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    Market Leading Cleaning Machines

    We supply the most sought after and highest quality equipment in the industry at great pricing, contact us now for more information.

    • Carpet Cleaners – Sabrina Maxi, Serena-Silent, Garce, Garce HP, ST810 Blower, Power Brush tools – NS270Brush, NS400Brush, NS400BR-Dual, SmartKit systems, Instant Heater, Car Wash interior Cleaning – SW15, SW30, SW30 Battery, SW50, SW70, Foam Cleaners – SW15 Foam, SW15 Hot-Foam, Food processing areas cleaners – IdroFoamRinse Food 600, IdroFoamRinse Food 400, FRV Food 15, FRV Food 30, FRV Food 70, Restroom Cleaning and Sanitizing Machines – Powertec30, Powertec30 Battery, Foamtec15, Foamtec30, Foamtec70, IdroFoamRinse200, IdroFoamRinse400, etc.
    • Dust Extractors – Dustnator 250/ 200/ 90, Dustnator 3Flow, Dustnator 40 wet & dry, Dustnator Smart, Vacuum Cleaners – Drum, Europa Koala Plast, Panda Mec Inox, Kola Compact, etc.
    • Professional Vacuum Cleaners wet/dry/dust/oil/extractors – Power HP1,5 L50A, Power HP2,5 L35AT, Power HP4,5, Tritron 5 HP, Tritron Atex – Hepa, TronOil Mono HP/TRI HP, Telecontrol 20/35, LawaPower, Lavatron 70N, Central Vacuum Cleaner – TRON DOMUS, Carpet Brush – TURBOTRON 350/400/SP/HD, Briotron CC/CHEM, Floor Washers – FloorTron, SCRUBBER-DRYER – ROLTRON 450C / 505C / 505B / 660B / 860B / 870B / 900B, MANUAL SWEEPERS – PULITRON501 ETN / 701 ETN / 701 STN, SWEEPERS RIDE-ON – PULITRON 1050 ET / 1280 ET /1280 D / 1280 ET / 1404 ET, etc.

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