Diamond Tools & Accesories

We offer high quality diamond tools and accessories from a global market leader. Our equipment is of the highest quality and so are our accessories, in turn ensuring that you can give the highest quality service to your clients.

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    Market leading Diamond Tools & Accessories

    We supply the most sought after and highest quality equipment in the industry at great pricing, contact us now for more information.

    • Single disc Accessories, Floor pads, Planetario S1000 / S1200 / S1500 / S800W, EASY KIT SUPER CONCRETE, EASY KIT MARBLE, EASY KIT TERRAZZO FLOORS, EASY KIT GRANITE GRES, Superconcrete System, Pavelux, King Conc, diamond disc all sizes, Tools for Bush-Hammering, Beton Color, Tools for Marble Polishing, Tools for Terrazzo and Limestone, Tools for Granite Polishing, Tools for Gres Polishing, etc.

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